Cordova/PhoneGap plugin definitions for use in Dart projects.

Generally speaking, any interactions with plugins should happen after the "deviceReady" event has fired. See example for a simple implementation.

Supported plugins

  • Device (these are all properties) cordova model platform uuid version manufacturer isVirtual serial

  • Splashscreen show(); hide();

  • AdMob Pro - Note! This plugin takes 2% of your revenue if you don't buy a license. For this reason, I'm deprecating support for it * Please see the next section on a replacement

  • AdMob - forked from AppFeel Forked to remove 2% revenue stealing Will be kept up to date as necessary * To install, simply run: cordova plugin add https://github.com/TheBosZ/admob-google-cordova.git --save

  • In-app Purchase ProductEvent when(String v); refresh(); order(String v); ready(Function v); * register(StoreProduct product);

  • Google Analytics startTrackerWithId(String v); trackView(String v); trackEvent(String category, String action, String label, num v); trackException(String description, bool fatal); trackTiming(String category, num intervalInMilliseconds, String v, String label); addTransaction(String id, String affiliation, num revenue, num tax, num shipping, String currencyCode); addTransactionItem(String id, String name, String sku, String category, num price, num quantity, String currencyCode); addCustomDimension(String key, String value, Function success, Function error); setUserId(String id); debugMode(); * enableUncaughtExceptionReporting(bool enable, Function success, Function error);

  • In-app Browser InappBrowser open(String url, String target, String options); addEventListener(String eventname, Function cb); removeEventListener(String eventname, Function cb); close(); show(); executeScript(InjectDetails details, Function cb); * insertCSS(InjectDetails details, Function cb);

  • Amazon Mobile Ads See additional notes below All ad methods are supported. * Events are supported

  • Statusbar * All methods and properties supported

  • Facebook All methods supported Facebook's official plugin has been abandoned, this plugin is an active, up-to-date fork. * To support every option, please use at least version 1.7.2

Amazon Ads Specific Notes

Amazon doesn't make it easy to integrate Cordova with their ad platform but here's some notes.

With this package, there is a "AmazonAds" class that has a developer-friendly interface to the plugin. You should see if that meets your needs before going directly to the methods in "amazon_mobile_ads.dart".

To install the plugin, you'll have to download it from Amazon and install it manually. It's not in npm (so you can't do cordova plugin add <>)


A simple usage example:

import 'dart:html';
import 'package:dartins/dartins.dart';

main() {

        //Device Example
        var currentPlatform = Device.platform;
        print('Currently using a ${currentPlatform} device');

        //Splashscreen Example

        //AdMob example
        AdMob.createBanner(new BannerOptions(
            adId: 'cx-xxx',
            position: AdMobPosition.BOTTOM_CENTER.index,
            isTesting: Device.UUID == '123123',
            overlap: true

        //Store example
        Store.register(new StoreProduct(id: 'product1', type: StoreProduct.NON_CONSUMABLE));
        Store.when('product1').approved(allowInterop((var product){
            print('Successfully bought product1');
        Store.when('product1').owned(allowInterop((var product){
            print('Owns product1');

        //Analytics example
        GoogleAnalytics.trackEvent('AppState', 'started');

        //In-app browser example
        InappBrowser iab = InappBrowser.open('http://google.com', InappBrowser.TARGET_BLANK);