A documentation generator for Dart. This tool creates static HTML files generated from Dart source code.

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Installing dartdoc

Run pub global activate dartdoc to install dartdoc.

Running dartdoc

Run dartdoc from the root directory of package. By default, the documentation is generated to the doc/api/ directory.


Ready for testing, but has many known issues.


What about docgen / dartdocgen / dartdoc-viewer?

This tool intends to replace our existing set of API documentation tools. We'll take the best ideas and implementations from our existing doc tools and fold them into dartdoc.

Can I help?

Yes! Start by using the tool and filing issues and requests. If you want to contribute, check out the issue tracker and see if there's an issue that you're passionate about. If you want to add a new feature that's not yet in the issue tracker, start by opening an issue. Thanks!

What does the output look like?

You can see the latest API of dartdoc - generated by dartdoc - here.

Generating documentation for Dart SDK

If you want to generate documentation for the SDK, run dartdoc with the following command line arguments:

  • --sdk-docs
  • --dart-sdk /pathTo/dart-sdk (optional)

Issues and bugs

Please file reports on the GitHub Issue Tracker.


You can view our license here.



A documentation generator for Dart.


A library containing an abstract documentation generator.


Utility code to convert markdown comments to html.


Make it possible to load resources, independent of how the Dart app is run.