An LDAP Client Library for Dart

This library is used to implement LDAP v3 clients.

The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is a protocol for accessing directories. These directories are organised as a hierarchy of entries, where one or more root entries are allowed. Each entry contains a set of attribute and values. Each entry can be identified by a distinguished name, which is a sequence of attribute/value pairs. The LDAP protocol can be used to query, as well as modify, these directories.

This library supports the LDAP v3 protocol, which is defined in IETF RFC 4511.

The LDAP operations supported by this implementation include: bind, add, modify, delete, modify, search and compare.


Create an LDAP connection and perform a simple search using it.

This example first creates an LDAPConfiguration object with the settings for connecting to the LDAP server. It then gets the LDAPConnection object using those settings (i.e. performs an LDAP bind operation). With the connection, it performs an LDAP search operation. The search operation produces a stream of SearchResult objects: in this example, the entries are each printed out along with a total count at the end.

To perform an anonymous bind, leave out the bindDN and password.

import 'package:dartdap/dartdap.dart';

void main() {
  var ldapConfig = new LDAPConfiguration("",
                                         ssl: false, 
                                         bindDN: "cn=admin,dc=example,dc=com",
                                         password: "[email protected]");

  ldapConfig.getConnection().then((LDAPConnection ldap) {
    var base = "dc=example,dc=com";
    var filter = Filter.present("objectClass");
    var attrs = ["dn", "cn", "objectClass"];

    print("LDAP Search: baseDN=\"${base}\", attributes=${attrs}");

    var count = 0;, filter, attrs).stream.listen(
        (SearchEntry entry) => print("${++count}: $entry"),
        onDone: () => print("Found ${count} entries"));

See the integration test for more examples.


  • Documentation. For now please see integration_test.dart for sample usage
  • Improve conciseness / usability of API
  • Paged search
  • VLV Search. See
  • An LDIF parser would be nice for creating integration test data
  • Do we need to implement flow control so the client does not overwhelm the server?



Classes for implementing LDAP v3 clients.