An LDAP Client Library for Dart

Implements the LDAP v3 protocol. This library depends on the ASN1 parser library .

Implemented operations include BIND, ADD, MODIFY, DEL, MODIFYDN, SEARCH, COMPARE


var ldapConfig = new LDAPConfiguration("ldap.yaml");
var attrs = ["dn", "cn", "objectClass"];
var filter = Filter.substring("cn=A*");

ldapConfig.getConnection().then( (LDAPConnection ldap) {"dc=example,dc=com", filter, attrs).
		listen( (SearchEntry entry) => print('Found $entry'));

See the integration test for more examples

TODO List:

  • Documentation. For now please see integration_test.dart for sample usage
  • Improve conciseness / usability of API
  • Paged search
  • VLV Search
  • An LDIF parser would be nice for creating integration test data
  • Do we need to implement flow control so the client does not overwhelm the server?