Dart Dev Tools


Centralized tooling for Dart projects. Consistent interface across projects. Easily configurable.


All Dart (https://dartlang.org) projects eventually share a common set of development requirements:

  • Tests (unit, integration, and functional)
  • Code coverage
  • Consistent code formatting
  • Static analysis to detect issues
  • Documentation generation
  • Examples for manual testing/exploration
  • Applying a LICENSE file to all source files
  • Running dart unit tests on Sauce Labs

Together, the Dart SDK and a couple of packages from the Dart team supply the necessary tooling to support the above requirements. But, the usage is inconsistent, configuration is limited to command-line arguments, and you inevitably end up with a slew of shell scripts in the tool/ directory. While this works, it lacks a consistent usage pattern across multiple projects and requires an unnecessary amount of error-prone work to set up.

This package improves on the above process by providing a number of benefits:

Centralized Tooling

By housing the APIs and CLIs for these various dev workflows in a single location, you no longer have to worry about keeping scripts in parity across multiple projects. Simply add the dart_dev package as a dependency, and you're ready to go.

Versioned Tooling

Any breaking changes to the APIs or CLIs within this package will be reflected by an appropriate version bump according to semver. You can safely upgrade your tooling to take advantage of continuous improvements and new features with minimal maintenance.

Consistent Interface

By providing a single executable (dart_dev) that supports multiple tasks with standardized options, project developers have a consistent interface for development across all projects that utilize this package. Configuration is handled on a per-project basis via a single Dart file, meaning that you don't have to know anything about a project to run tests or static analysis - you just need to know how to use the dart_dev tool.

Note: This is not a replacement for the tooling provided by the Dart SDK and packages like test or dart_style. Rather, dart_dev is a unified interface for interacting with said tooling in a simplified manner.


A task is a single unit of execution within dart_dev. They are identified by a name and may or may not take arguments. Several supported tasks are provided by default. Consumers can supplement the supported tasks with project specific local tasks.

Supported Tasks

Getting Started

Install dart_dev

Add the following to your pubspec.yaml:

  coverage: ^0.8.0
  dart_dev: 2.0.0-rc.1
  dart_style: ^0.2.0
  dartdoc: ^0.9.0
  test: ^0.12.0

Create an Alias (optional)

Add the following to your bash or zsh profile for convenience:

alias ddev='pub run dart_dev'


In order to configure dart_dev for a specific project, you create a dart_dev.yaml file in the root of your project.

    - bin/dart_dev.dart
    - lib/executable.dart
    - lib/hooks.dart

  license: LICENSE
    - bin/
    - lib/
    - lib/src/generated/

    - bin/
    - lib/

    - bin/
    - lib/
    - lib/src/generated/


The executable has help output for the entire tool as well as each individual task. Run ddev --help or ddev [task] --help to get more information!