DartAmf provides a native Dart interface to a BlazeDS backend using AMF.

It is using the dart:html HttpRequest so it will work in a browser but unlikely to work from a commandline without modification.

Based heavily on a modified (Apache 2.0 License) which was based on Surrey's R-AMF (AMF 99) implementation

How To

Sample of creating an amf channel and invoking a call

Amf channel = new Amf('http://my-server/messaging/amf');
channel.invoke("destination", "operation", [arg1, arg2],
	(result) => print("Success $result"),
	(error) => print("Error $error"));

Custom classes need to be registered before you can receive them as Dart typed objects.

class Animal {


BigInt extends num {

Alternatively they can be registered at runtime too

Amf.registerClass("server.package.Animal", Animal);
Amf.registerClass("another.server.package.BigInt", BigInt);