Utilities for reading and writing CSV (comma separated value) text files in Dart.

  import 'package:csv_utils/csv_utils.dart';
  var source = 'value1a,value1b\n"value2a,""value2b"';
  var list = new CsvConverter.Excel().parse(source);
  //list is [['value1a','value1b'],['value2a,"value2b']]
  var text = new CsvConverter.Excel().compose(list);
  //text is 'value1a,value1b\n"value2a,""value2b"'
  //prints true
  //you can specify custom delimeters
  var list2 = new CsvConverter.Excel(fieldDelimiter: '\t', quoteSymbol: "'", 
  	lineDelimiter: LineDelimiter.WINDOWS).parse("value1a\tvalue1b\r\n'value2a\tvalue2b'"); 

This utility currently supports only Excel flavors of CSV:

Microsoft Excel Style Two quotes escape character ("" escapes "), no other characters are escaped. Compatible with Microsoft Excel and many other programs that have adopted the format for data import and export. Leading and trailing white space on an unquoted field is significant. Specified by RFC4180.