Core elements for Polymer.dart

A port of polymer.js' core-elements to Polymer.dart. The intent of the authors is to contribute the work to the Dart project itself (

Dart ports of Polymer elements from PolymerLabs can be found at


  • The Dart source files of an element often contain some documentation (Dartdoc) how to use the element. You can also find this documentation online at
  • DartDoc
  • Almost each element has an associated demo page which shows how to use the element. Open the 'demo' links below to take a look. The source code of these demo pages can be found in the example subdirectory of the package. The actual implementation of the demo page is often outsourced to files in the example/src/element_name subdirectory.


  • add the following to your pubspec.yaml file:

For more details take a look at the demo pages.


Your feedback is very much appreciated. We are excited to hear about your experience using polymer_elements. We need your feedback to continually improve the qualtiy.

  • Just Create a New Issue

  • Please let us know which components we should prioritize. Just add a comment to #3

General notes

  • Tested with Dart SDK version 1.4.0-dev.6.7


<!-- (A few demo pages (* aren't rendered properly as GitHub Pages or because they use unfinished elements. We are working on it.) -->

<!-- * Status (ported) means it is ported but not yet usable -->

Element name | Status | Comment | Demo ------------------------------- | ---------------- | ------------ | ---- polymer-ajax | ported | | demo polymer-collapse | ported | | demo polymer-tooltip | ported | | demo


BSD 3-clause license (see LICENSE file).

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The d-core-ajax element exposes XMLHttpRequest functionality.


core-collapse creates a collapsible block of content. By default, the content will be collapsed. Use opened to show/hide the content.


The core-tooltip element creates a hover tooltip centered for the content it contains. It can be positioned on the top|bottom|left|right of content using the position attribute.


d-core-xhr can be used to perform XMLHttpRequests.