#Commander Provides a command pattern which allows a variety of low-level api


->  io:Commander: Provides a commandline interface for io operations because it uses a simple
    command pattern,allows its embeddment into any environment capable of handling the commands

        readfile: read out a file to the stdout stream
        writefile: write into a file from the stdin
        appendfile: append into a file from the stdin
        writebyte: write data as bytes from the stdin
        readbytes: read file contents as bytes from the stdin
        makedir: creates a directory
        destroyfile: deletes a file within the current directory
        destroydir: deletes a directory within the current path
        link: symlinks a file or directory within the directory to another
        unlink: removes a file or directory symlink from the current path
        listdir: read out a directory listings into stdout
        readdir: read out a directory returning a map of both relative and absolute paths 

->  installer:Commander: Provides a commandline interface to install a file in the systems bin directory

        install: installs a valid dart file as a commandline executable
        uninstall: removes the file from the runnable list
        install-zord: installs the commander executable file
        uninstall-zord: uninstalls the commander executable file

->  platform:Commander: Provides a commandline interface to unix/windows platform command

        chmod: unix command to change the permissions of a file/directory