A small key value store abstraction that you can use on the server in analogy of html5 localstorage and also on the client.

Simple usage

It has the same interface as of localstorage.

Just make an instance of Storage.

Cargo storage = new Cargo();

Then you will have an asynchronous method to say that the storage is started

Cargo storage = new Cargo(MODE: CargoMode.FILE, conf: { "path" : "../store/" });
storage.start().then((_) {
  // do storage operations

Add data to the storage.

storage.setItem("data", {"data": "data"});
storage["data"] = {"data": "data"};

Retrieve data from the storage on an asynchronous way.

var data = storage.getItem("data");

Or on a synchronous way.

var data = storage["data"];

Or like this

var data = storage.getItemSync("data");

Realtime data events are possible as follow. Adding events responds immediately to data changes as they occur.

cargo.on("userData", (DataEvent de) {
	// add code that needs to happen when userData value is been changed

You can also turn the event off!"userData", dataChangeListener);

Or remove all the listeners


You can also listen to all the data changes.

cargo.onAll((DataEvent de) => print(de));

A DataEvent consist out of a key, a value and a data type (changed, removed).

These are the modes that you can use:






CargoMode.INDEXDB CargoMode.LOCAL CargoMode.SESSION

You can also provide a defaultValue when you want to retrieve a value, but the value is not yet present.

cargo.getItem("key", defaultValue: new List());

When you want to copy some data from one cargo implentation to another you can use.


You can also export the data to a map with the functions export and exportSync.

You can add parameters, to export only that data that falls under these rules.

Map params = new Map();
params['point'] = 1;
params['date'] = date2;

cargo.export(params: params);

It is also possible to provide some options to the export.

Options options = new Options(limit: 3);
cargo.export(options: options);


IndexDB is not fully functional, we are waiting on the 'await' keyword of dart.


If you found a bug, just create a new issue or even better fork and issue a pull request with you fix.

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