Use your Dart library from JavaScript!

A compiler/patcher for a JS bridge to your Dart library, using dart2js and analyzer.

Even though calzone.dart is reaching maturity, if you're interested in using it and are having problems using it, please contact mbullington on the Dart Slack.


A large part of calzone works by transformers. A transformer is an addon to the compiler that will bridge together a Dart type (or types) with their JavaScript equivalents. An example of this is the PromiseTransformer, where it will take Promises and convert them to Futures, and vice versa. This API is frozen and is available for projects using calzone to build their own.

The best example of this is in the calzone.transformers library, which is our standard library for transformers. Most of these transformers are suggested for use, such as Promises <-> Future, Closure, and Collections.

Using calzone

Please refer to the Wiki on how to use calzone, starting with Creating a Stub, then Internal Workings. For most usecases, you'll want to use the high-level Builder abstraction.

For an example of using Builder, please refer to test/, or to sdk-dslink-javascript.