A Dart Polymer 1.0 element for binding text containing HTML


The parent element has a property that provides some HTML string like:

@property String someHtml = '<div>some text</div>';

and in it's template this string can be bound like:

<bwu-bind-html html="[[someHtml]]"></bwu-bind-html>



The element can be configured using the following attributes - html (type String) takes the HTML string to be added to the DOM (default '') - use-light-dom (type bool) adds the HTML to <bwu-bind-html>s light DOM instead of the shady or shadow DOM (default) to make it easier to style the added HTML from the outside. - validator (type NodeValidator) allows to bind a validator that defines which HTML elements and attributes are allowed (default new NodeValidatorBuilder()..allowTextElements();). - treeSanitizer (type NodeTreeSanitizer) allows to bind a tree sanitizer (default null).

Application-wide default validator

BwuBindHtml allows to change the default validator and treeSanitizer which affects all instances of <bwu-bind-html> with no specific validator or treeSanitizer is bound to.

Change the defaults by assigning a validator or treeSanitizer instance to the static fields BwuBindHtml.defaultValidator or BwuBindHtml.defaultTreeSanitizer.


For examples see the unit tests