This library outlines some reasonable configuration defaults when importing Bower components into a Dart project. It also provides a command line utility to generate these defaults.

#Defaults - bower.json contains only the application name. pubspec.yaml satisfies all other needs. - .bowerrc is set to private, install directory is lib/bower - .bowerrc and bower.json are checked into version control.


To begin, run pub run bower_bind:init from your project's root. This generates the bower.json and .bowerrc files.

At this point you can use the Bower commands from your project root. eg. bower install

Bower components will be placed in the packages/{your app}/bower directory, making them available to the web/bin/test directories like any package.

For example, if my project is called 'A', and I install Polymer with bower install --save Polymer/polymer#^1.0.0. I can import the 'polymer.html' file from here:

<link rel="import"