EdgeStyleFunction(CellState state, CellState source, CellState target, List<Point2d> points, List<Point2d> result) → void

Implements an edge style function. At the time the function is called, the result array contains a placeholder (null) for the first absolute point, that is, the point where the edge and source terminal are connected. The implementation of the style then adds all intermediate waypoints except for the last point, that is, the connection point between the edge and the target terminal. The first ant the last point in the result array are then replaced with mxPoints that take into account the terminal's perimeter and next point on the edge.

ICellVisitor(Object vertex, Object edge) → bool

PerimeterFunction(Rect bounds, CellState vertex, Point2d next, bool orthogonal) Point2d

Defines the requirements for a perimeter function.



Represents the current state of a cell in a given graph view.


Defines an object that contains the constraints about how to connect one side of an edge to its terminal.


Action to change the current root in a view.


Provides various edge styles to be used as the values for Constants.STYLE_EDGE in a cell style. Alternatevly, the Constants. EDGESTYLE_* constants can be used to reference an edge style via the StyleRegistry.


Implements a graph object that allows to create diagrams from a graph model and stylesheet.


Implements the selection model for a graph.


Implements a view for the graph. This class is in charge of computing the absolute coordinates for the relative child geometries, the points for perimeters and edge styles and keeping them cached in cell states for faster retrieval. The states are updated whenever the model or the view state (translate, scale) changes. The scale and translate are honoured in the bounds.


Implements a layout manager that updates the layout for a given transaction. The following example installs an automatic tree layout in a graph:



Provides various perimeter functions to be used in a style as the value of Constants.STYLE_PERIMETER. Alternately, the Constants. PERIMETER_* constants can be used to reference a perimeter via the StyleRegistry.




Singleton class that acts as a global converter from string to object values in a style. This is currently only used to perimeters and edge styles.


Defines the appearance of the cells in a graph. The following example changes the font size for all vertices by changing the default vertex style in-place: <code> getDefaultVertexStyle().put(Constants.STYLE_FONTSIZE, 16); </code>


Manager for swimlanes and nested swimlanes that sets the size of newly added swimlanes to that of their siblings, and propagates changes to the size of a swimlane to its siblings, if siblings is true, and its ancestors, if bubbling is true.