Binary types are set of classes that allows access the binary data in "C" language way.

Version: 0.0.3

Initial release. Use at your own risk!

For proper work binary_types requires that the package unsafe_extension has been setup after it installation.


  • Long double type not supported (and never be)
  • Struct bit fields not supported yet

Supported binary types

  • Array type
  • Float type
  • Double type
  • Integer types
  • Pointer type
  • Struct type
  • Union type

Addidional types

  • Function type
  • Va list type
  • Void type

Binary data

  • Binary data (at any memory locations)
  • Binary data objects (garbage collected)


  • Lightweight references to the typed binary data (rhs values)

Binary type system

  • Configurable data models
  • Configurable data types

Binary type helper

  • String allocations
  • String reading
  • Struct declarations
  • Union declarations