Bazel extension support for Dart.

Bazel is a correct, reproducible, and fast build tool used internally at Google, and now open source, that provides a powerful and extensible framework for building software and maintaining code.

Why Bazel

Large applications in Google like AdWords Next and AdSense have used Dart and Angular Dart in production with Bazel for a while, and now we want to share Bazel with the rest of the community.

Getting Started

WARNING: This package is highly experimental. While the underlying framework (such as BUILD rules and extensions) are stable, we're still iterating on a good stable solution for end users that are used to primarily working with pub and pubspec.yaml files.

Have a suggestion to make this better? File an issue.

Our Bazel package publishes a bazelify command that takes an existing pub package and automatically generates a Bazel worskpace: full of extensions, macros, rules, and more.


If you're familiar with pub run, then bazelify is easy:

$ pub global activate bazel


You can run bazelify on a typical pub package:

$ cd my_new_package
$ pub global run bazel:bazelify

If you don't have a project, you can use our workspace folder of examples. See tool/presubmit.dart for some examples.


You can bazel run files in bin/:

# Assume you have bin/hello.dart
# We automatically generate a "hello_bin" target in your BUILD file.
$ bazel run :hello_bin

You can also bazel run a development sever for your web application:

# Assume you have web/main.dart, and web/index.html.
$ bazel run :main_dartium_serve

Oh, and did we mention support for the Dart dev compiler?

$ bazel run :main_ddc_serve

Cleaning up

We automatically generate a bunch of file for you - don't worry about checking them in for now - you can safely ignore them when commiting. Here is an example snippet you can include in a .gitignore:


You may also want to exclude the bazel-* folders from the Dart analyzer using an .analysis_options file. This prevents the Dart analyzer from accidentally "seeing" generated and copied code and needlessly analyzing it.

    - 'bazel-*/**'