Note: arasu is in beta ,still not yet ready for deployment.

Arasu : A Lightning Fast Web Framework

Note: arasu development only work on dart enabled browsers like dartium or dart enabled chrome browser.

Arasu is a Next Generation Full Stack Web framework written on Go language & Dart language.


  • lightning fast, because of golang and dartlang
  • use RDBMS and BIGDATA for serverside store
  • use IndexedDB and Angular Dart for clientside store,clientside framework
  • use TDD default by golang and dartlang
  • use BDD with selenium and Spinach (this is in alpha)
  • automatic build system.


  • Install <a href="">Golang</a> then add golang binary into system PATH and verify the sucessfull installation by <pre> ~$ go version go version go1.3 linux/amd64 </pre>

  • Install <a href="">Dartlang(Dart SDK)</a> then add dart-sdk binary into system PATH and verify the sucessfull installation by <pre> ~$ dart --version Dart VM version: 1.5.8 (Tue Jul 29 07:05:41 2014) on "linux_x64" </pre>

  • Install <a href="">Mysql</a> then add mysql binary into system PATH and verify the sucessfull installation by <pre> ~$ mysql --version mysql Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.5.37, for debian-linux-gnu (x86_64) using readline 6.2 </pre>

  • Install <a href="">Hbase</a> then add hbase binary into system PATH and verify the installation is sucessfull by <pre> ~$ hbase version //some valid output </pre>

finally * Install Arasu Framework by

~$ go get

Creating a New Arasu Project

Part 1

Creating scaffold for relational Database Management System aka RDBMS (mysql)

~$ arasu new demo ~$ cd demo ~$ arasu dstore create ~$ arasu generate scaffold Admin name password:string age:integer dob:timestamp sex:bool ~$ arasu dstore migrate </pre>

Now start the server:

~$ arasu serve

// you will get output like "You don't have a lockfile, so we need to generate that:" by DArt Pub Manager ,this will take few more seconds (this will occur at first time only). // // then //you may get dart-sdk "pub downlad error" for few times , but you can ignore and stop the command by CTRL + C . //and start the same command again until sucessfull start.

~$ arasu serve </pre>

after successfull start....

now visit http://localhost:4000/ on <i><a href="">Dartium</a> or dart enabled chrome</i> browser. <pre> To open dartium ~$ ./DART-SDK-INSTALLED-DIRECTORY/chromiun/chrome </pre>

then visit


There you can play !!!

Part 2

Creating scaffold for BigData (hbase)

stop the arasu server by pressing CTRL + C

open another terminal and start bigdata... <pre> ~$ ~$ hbase thrift start </pre>

leave this terminal to run thrift deamon. come back to old terminal then

~$ arasu dstore create --dstore bigdata

this will result in failure

unfortunately Hbase thrift V1 Binary server is not supporting to create database through API Calls so we have to create it manually . to do that <pre>

~$ hbase shell

create_namespace 'demo_development' quit


close hbase shell , then

~$ arasu generate scaffold User Profile:{FirstName:String,LastName:String,Age:int,Dob:DateTime} Contact:{Phone:String,Email:String} --dstore bigdata ~$ arasu dstore migrate --dstore bigdata </pre>

Now start the server: <pre> ~$ arasu serve </pre>

now visit


on dartium browser, there you can play !!!!!

lets dive into Full Tutorial Arasu Framework To learn more...


Contribution are welcome Here.


Released under the MIT License.