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aqueduct is a server-side framework written in Dart, focusing on productivity and testability.

There are three ways to get started, depending on your style of learning.

The quick and dirty way for Dart developers

Just want to grab aqueduct and try it out? Just add the following to your pubspec.yaml:

aqueduct: any

The best way

Need a walkthrough? Read the tutorials. They take you through the baby-steps of understanding how aqueduct is used to build web servers.

Installing Dart and aqueduct is covered in the first chapter and it's very quick.

If you don't yet know Dart, don't worry - it's easy to learn, especially if you come from Java, Objective-C, Swift and other C-like languages. We suggest the language tour to get caught up to speed. You'll feel comfortable going through the aqueduct tutorials and cross-referencing the language tour at the same time.

The up-and-running way

More of a learn as you go type? Follow the quick steps at wildfire to get a running web server, complete with authentication, database schema generation and documentation generation.


You can find the API reference on the Dart Package Manager, Pub.



A server-side framework built for productivity and testability.