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Simple utility module for the angular.dart. Includes pagination angular filter to paginate items of a List. Filter uses Paginator object that provides methods to navigate pages and deals with edge cases and illegal states, so the filter itself doesn't have to.


Add dependency. In pubspec.yaml:


Do pub get.


import 'package:angular_pagination/angular_pagination.dart';

Install Angular module

class YourModule extends Module {
  YourModule() {
    install(new AngularPaginationModule());

    //Your other angular bootstrap stuff

Create Paginator object somewhere in angular scope where it is convenient for you and pass it to pagination filter. For example, if you created Paginator directly in root scope:

<span ng-repeat="item in items | pagination:paginator">...</span>

Then act on created Paginator object whatever way you like and filter will recompute visible items. For example

<button ng-click="paginator.goNext()">Next</button>
document.querySelector("select#some-input").onChange.listen((e) => scope.paginator.pageSize = int.parse(;


Important Paginator is not a singleton service (or else there would be only one pagination per app possible). You create one instance for every isolated pagination you need and pass reference around as you would with any normal object. Paginator is not injected via DI (there is no need, it has no dependencies).

See example to see how this utility library can be used to create reusable pager component (e.g. like Twitter Bootstrap pager).