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##Warning The changes to ngModel in angular.dart releases since this library was created have rendered it mostly useless. This repository is now more useful as an example of how you would create and register converter for ngModel rather then actual library.


This library was created to augment angular.dart's ngModel directive with view/model value conversion. A value bound through ngModel is kind of split in two: view value and model value. Model value is what you get in code, and view value is what you get in DOM. Simplifying a bit, view value is always going to be String. Model value not necessarily so. For example, you may have input where user is supposed to enter number and you would like to get num in your code, not String. When this library was created there wasn't really support for such conversion in angular.dart. String was pretty much what you got, with some exceptions. Since then concept of converters has been added to ngModel. And although angular.dart doesn't have any useful built-in converters yet, ngModel now correctly binds inputs of type number, checkbox, date, etc. The only real use case left for this library is binding a value of select as there's no variety of types for select like there is for input.


Import library as you would usually.

Install module

class YourModule extends Module {
  YourModule() {
    install(new AngularConvertModule());

    //Your other angular bootstrap stuff

Then in the templates annotate inputs with directives provided.

Implemented converters

  1. ngx-conv-num. Will map input value to num (int or double) property in the model. Works on inputs of type text and selects. number and range inputs are now handled correctly by angular.dart itself.


See example