Admob for Flutter

A GoogleAdmob plugin for Flutter. Currently supports interstitial ads in both iOS and Android.

Getting Started

Contains two methods for loading and showing interstitial ads.

The plugin's loadInterstitial method accepts an APP_ID, AD_UNIT_ID, DEVICE_ID, and TESTING. The loadInterstitial method should be called in an init method to load an ad as the app starts. After that the ads will reload themselves whenever you close the previous one..

APP_ID = The app id given to you by admob
AD_UNIT_ID = The ad unit id given to you by admob when you create an interstitial ad
DEVICE_ID: Include the device id for the purpose of testing purposes if you plan to test ads on a specific device
TESTING: A Boolean value indicating whether the ad units should be live or used for testing

The plugin's showInterstitial method accepts no variables, and as the name implies shows the ad you loaded with loadInterstitial.

View the example code included with the plugin in the example folder to see usage. The main.dart file included in the example folder shows an implementation of the plugin. It also includes a podfile example.


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