Dart language bindings for the Ace code editor.

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Ace.dart uses the MIT license as described in the LICENSE file, and follows semantic versioning.


This package maintains a copy of the latest ace-builds src-min-noconflict governed by its own LICENSE.

The ace-builds occur approximately once per month, and the version currently in use by this package is maintained in the version string metadata. For example, in ace.dart version 0.0.4+9.11.2013 we provide a copy of ace-builds version 9.11.2013.

You may choose to use a different version of ace.js in your html without requiring any change to this package:

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="path/to/your/ace.js">

As long as the version of ace.js you use is compatible, the Dart wrapper code should continue to function.